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A quadratic form with prime variables associated with Hecke eigenvalues of a cusp form

Guodong Hua (2022)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Let f be a normalized primitive holomorphic cusp form of even integral weight k for the full modular group SL ( 2 , ) , and denote its n th Fourier coefficient by λ f ( n ) . We consider the hybrid problem of quadratic forms with prime variables and Hecke eigenvalues of normalized primitive holomorphic cusp forms, which generalizes the result of D. Y. Zhang, Y. N. Wang (2017).

Arithmetic Hilbert modular functions (II).

Walter L. Baily Jr. (1985)

Revista Matemática Iberoamericana

The purpose of this paper, which is a continuation of [2, 3], is to prove further results about arithmetic modular forms and functions. In particular we shall demonstrate here a q-expansion principle which will be useful in proving a reciprocity law for special values of arithmetic Hilbert modular functions, of which the classical results on complex multiplication are a special case. The main feature of our treatment is, perhaps, its independence of the theory of abelian varieties.

Currently displaying 1 – 20 of 132

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