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On computing quaternion quotient graphs for function fields

Gebhard Böckle, Ralf Butenuth (2012)

Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux

Let Λ be a maximal 𝔽 q [ T ] -order in a division quaternion algebra over 𝔽 q ( T ) which is split at the place . The present article gives an algorithm to compute a fundamental domain for the action of the group of units Λ * on the Bruhat-Tits tree 𝒯 associated to PGL 2 ( 𝔽 q ( ( 1 / T ) ) ) . This action is a function field analog of the action of a co-compact Fuchsian group on the upper half plane. The algorithm also yields an explicit presentation of the group Λ * in terms of generators and relations. Moreover we determine an upper bound...

The Drinfeld Modular Jacobian J 1 ( n ) has connected fibers

Sreekar M. Shastry (2007)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

We study the integral model of the Drinfeld modular curve X 1 ( n ) for a prime n 𝔽 q [ T ] . A function field analogue of the theory of Igusa curves is introduced to describe its reduction mod n . A result describing the universal deformation ring of a pair consisting of a supersingular Drinfeld module and a point of order n in terms of the Hasse invariant of that Drinfeld module is proved. We then apply Jung-Hirzebruch resolution for arithmetic surfaces to produce a regular model of X 1 ( n ) which, after contractions in...

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