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Dual pairs and Kostant-Sekiguchi correspondence. II. Classification of nilpotent elements

Andrzej Daszkiewicz, Witold Kraśkiewicz, Tomasz Przebinda (2005)

Open Mathematics

We classify the homogeneous nilpotent orbits in certain Lie color algebras and specialize the results to the setting of a real reductive dual pair. For any member of a dual pair, we prove the bijectivity of the two Kostant-Sekiguchi maps by straightforward argument. For a dual pair we determine the correspondence of the real orbits, the correspondence of the complex orbits and explain how these two relations behave under the Kostant-Sekiguchi maps. In particular we prove that for a dual pair in...

Local geometry of orbits for an ordinary classical lie supergroup

Tomasz Przebinda (2006)

Open Mathematics

In this paper we identify a real reductive dual pair of Roger Howe with an Ordinary Classical Lie supergroup. In these terms we describe the semisimple orbits of the dual pair in the symplectic space, a slice through a semisimple element of the symplectic space, an analog of a Cartan subalgebra, the corresponding Weyl group and the corresponding Weyl integration formula.

On the classification of 3-dimensional coloured Lie algebras

Sergei Silvestrov (1997)

Banach Center Publications

In this paper, complex 3-dimensional Γ-graded ε-skew-symmetric and complex 3-dimensional Γ-graded ε-Lie algebras with either 1-dimensional or zero homogeneous components are classified up to isomorphism.

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