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Approximation polynomiale et extension holomorphe avec croissance sur une variété algébrique

A. Zeriahi (1996)

Annales Polonici Mathematici

We first give a general growth version of the theorem of Bernstein-Walsh-Siciak concerning the rate of convergence of the best polynomial approximation of holomorphic functions on a polynomially convex compact subset of an affine algebraic manifold. This can be considered as a quantitative version of the well known approximation theorem of Oka-Weil. Then we give two applications of this theorem. The first one is a generalization to several variables of Winiarski's theorem relating the growth of...

Continuation of holomorphic functions with growth conditions and some of its applications

Alexander V. Abanin, Pham Trong Tien (2010)

Studia Mathematica

We prove a generalization of the well-known Hörmander theorem on continuation of holomorphic functions with growth conditions from complex planes in p into the whole p . We apply this result to construct special families of entire functions playing an important role in convolution equations, interpolation and extension of infinitely differentiable functions from closed sets. These families, in their turn, are used to study optimal or canonical, in a certain sense, weight sequences defining inductive...

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