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A combinatorial invariant for escape time Sierpiński rational maps

Mónica Moreno Rocha (2013)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

An escape time Sierpiński map is a rational map drawn from the McMullen family z ↦ zⁿ + λ/zⁿ with escaping critical orbits and Julia set homeomorphic to the Sierpiński curve continuum. We address the problem of characterizing postcritically finite escape time Sierpiński maps in a combinatorial way. To accomplish this, we define a combinatorial model given by a planar tree whose vertices come with a pair of combinatorial data that encodes the dynamics of critical orbits. We show...

A dynamical invariant for Sierpiński cardioid Julia sets

Paul Blanchard, Daniel Cuzzocreo, Robert L. Devaney, Elizabeth Fitzgibbon, Stefano Silvestri (2014)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

For the family of rational maps zⁿ + λ/zⁿ where n ≥ 3, it is known that there are infinitely many small copies of the Mandelbrot set that are buried in the parameter plane, i.e., they do not extend to the outer boundary of this set. For parameters lying in the main cardioids of these Mandelbrot sets, the corresponding Julia sets are always Sierpiński curves, and so they are all homeomorphic to one another. However, it is known that only those cardioids that are symmetrically located in the parameter...

A new proof of a conjecture of Yoccoz

Xavier Buff, Arnaud Chéritat (2011)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

We give a new proof of the following conjecture of Yoccoz: ( C ) ( θ ) log rad Δ ( Q θ ) - Y ( θ ) + C , where Q θ ( z ) = e 2 π i θ z + z 2 , Δ ( Q θ ) is its Siegel disk if Q θ is linearizable (or otherwise), rad Δ ( Q θ ) is the conformal radius of the Siegel disk of Q θ (or 0 if there is none) and Y ( θ ) is Yoccoz’s Brjuno function.In a former article we obtained a first proof based on the control of parabolic explosion. Here, we present a more elementary proof based on Yoccoz’s initial methods.We then extend this result to some new families of polynomials such as z d + c with d > 2 . We also show that...

A parabolic Pommerenke-Levin-Yoccoz inequality

Xavier Buff, Adam L. Epstein (2002)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

In a recent preprint [B], Bergweiler relates the number of critical points contained in the immediate basin of a multiple fixed point β of a rational map f: ℙ¹ → ℙ¹, the number N of attracting petals and the residue ι(f,β) of the 1-form dz/(z-f(z)) at β. In this article, we present a different approach to the same problem, which we were developing independently at the same time. We apply our method to answer a question raised by Bergweiler. In particular, we prove that when there are only...

A priori bounds for some infinitely renormalizable quadratics: II. Decorations

Jeremy Kahn, Mikhail Lyubich (2008)

Annales scientifiques de l'École Normale Supérieure

A decoration of the Mandelbrot set M is a part of M cut off by two external rays landing at some tip of a satellite copy of M attached to the main cardioid. In this paper we consider infinitely renormalizable quadratic polynomials satisfying the decoration condition, which means that the combinatorics of the renormalization operators involved is selected from a finite family of decorations. For this class of maps we provea priori bounds. They imply local connectivity of the corresponding Julia sets...

Algebraic degrees for iterates of meromorphic self-maps of Pk.

Viêt-Anh Nguyên (2006)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

We first introduce the class of quasi-algebraically stable meromorphic maps of Pk. This class is strictly larger than that of algebraically stable meromorphic self-maps of Pk. Then we prove that all maps in the new class enjoy a recurrent property. In particular, the algebraic degrees for iterates of these maps can be computed and their first dynamical degrees are always algebraic integers.

Baker domains for Newton’s method

Walter Bergweiler, David Drasin, James K. Langley (2007)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

For an entire function f let N ( z ) = z - f ( z ) / f ( z ) be the Newton function associated to f . Each zero ξ of f is an attractive fixed point of N and is contained in an invariant component of the Fatou set of the meromorphic function N in which the iterates of N converge to ξ . If f has an asymptotic representation f ( z ) exp ( - z n ) , n , in a sector | arg z | < ε , then there exists an invariant component of the Fatou set where the iterates of N tend to infinity. Such a component is called an invariant Baker domain.A question in the opposite direction...

Bounded geometry of quadrilaterals and variation of multipliers for rational maps

Kevin M. Pilgrim (2004)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

Let Q be the unit square in the plane and h: Q → h(Q) a quasiconformal map. When h is conformal off a certain self-similar set, the modulus of h(Q) is bounded independent of h. We apply this observation to give explicit estimates for the variation of multipliers of repelling fixed points under a "spinning" quasiconformal deformation of a particular cubic polynomial.

Brolin's theorem for curves in two complex dimensions

Charles Favre, Mattias Jonsson (2003)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

Given a holomorphic mapping f : 2 2 of degree d 2 we give sufficient conditions on a positive closed (1,1) current of S of unit mass under which d - n f n * S converges to the Green current as n . We also conjecture necessary condition for the same convergence.

Characteristic Exponents of Rational Functions

Anna Zdunik (2014)

Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Mathematics

We consider two characteristic exponents of a rational function f:ℂ̂ → ℂ̂ of degree d ≥ 2. The exponent χ a ( f ) is the average of log∥f’∥ with respect to the measure of maximal entropy. The exponent χ m ( f ) can be defined as the maximal characteristic exponent over all periodic orbits of f. We prove that χ a ( f ) = χ m ( f ) if and only if f(z) is conformally conjugate to z z ± d .

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