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BEM and FEM results of displacements in a poroelastic column

Bettina Albers, Stavros A. Savidis, H. Ercan Taşan, Otto von Estorff, Malte Gehlken (2012)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

The dynamical investigation of two-component poroelastic media is important for practical applications. Analytic solution methods are often not available since they are too complicated for the complex governing sets of equations. For this reason, often some existing numerical methods are used. In this work results obtained with the finite element method are opposed to those obtained by Schanz using the boundary element method. Not only the influence of the number of elements and time steps on the...

Mathematical and numerical analysis of radiative heat transfer in semi-transparent media

Yao-Chuang Han, Yu-Feng Nie, Zhan-Bin Yuan (2019)

Applications of Mathematics

This paper is concerned with mathematical and numerical analysis of the system of radiative integral transfer equations. The existence and uniqueness of solution to the integral system is proved by establishing the boundedness of the radiative integral operators and proving the invertibility of the operator matrix associated with the system. A collocation-boundary element method is developed to discretize the differential-integral system. For the non-convex geometries, an element-subdivision algorithm...

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