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An adaptive finite element method in reconstruction of coefficients in Maxwell's equations from limited observations

Larisa Beilina, Samar Hosseinzadegan (2016)

Applications of Mathematics

We propose an adaptive finite element method for the solution of a coefficient inverse problem of simultaneous reconstruction of the dielectric permittivity and magnetic permeability functions in the Maxwell's system using limited boundary observations of the electric field in 3D. We derive a posteriori error estimates in the Tikhonov functional to be minimized and in the regularized solution of this functional, as well as formulate the corresponding adaptive algorithm. Our numerical experiments...

On the solution of linear algebraic systems arising from the semi–implicit DGFE discretization of the compressible Navier–Stokes equations

Vít Dolejší (2010)


We deal with the numerical simulation of a motion of viscous compressible fluids. We discretize the governing Navier–Stokes equations by the backward difference formula – discontinuous Galerkin finite element (BDF-DGFE) method, which exhibits a sufficiently stable, efficient and accurate numerical scheme. The BDF-DGFE method requires a solution of one linear algebra system at each time step. In this paper, we deal with these linear algebra systems with the aid of an iterative solver. We discuss...

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