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A comparison of two FEM-based methods for the solution of the nonlinear output regulation problem

Branislav Rehák, Sergej Čelikovský, Javier Ruiz, Jorge Orozco-Mora (2009)


The regulator equation is the fundamental equation whose solution must be found in order to solve the output regulation problem. It is a system of first-order partial differential equations (PDE) combined with an algebraic equation. The classical approach to its solution is to use the Taylor series with undetermined coefficients. In this contribution, another path is followed: the equation is solved using the finite-element method which is, nevertheless, suitable to solve PDE part only. This paper...

A geometric procedure for robust decoupling control of contact forces in robotic manipulation

Paolo Mercorelli, Domenico Prattichizzo (2003)


This paper deals with the problem of controlling contact forces in robotic manipulators with general kinematics. The main focus is on control of grasping contact forces exerted on the manipulated object. A visco-elastic model for contacts is adopted. The robustness of the decoupling controller with respect to the uncertainties affecting system parameters is investigated. Sufficient conditions for the invariance of decoupling action under perturbations on the contact stiffness and damping parameters...

An example of a non-degenerate precession possessing two distinct pairs of axes

Giancarlo Cantarelli, Corrado Risito (2003)

Atti della Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. Classe di Scienze Fisiche, Matematiche e Naturali. Rendiconti Lincei. Matematica e Applicazioni

In the present paper we provide an interesting example of a non-degenerate precession possessing two distinct pairs p , f , p , f of axes of precession and figure. Thus the problem arises of the existence of classes of precessions possessing a unique axis of precession and a unique axis of figure. In the fourth section we show that the class of non-degenerate regular precessions enjoys this property.

Applicazioni del teorema di Nekhoroshev alla meccanica celeste

Giancarlo Benettin (2001)

Bollettino dell'Unione Matematica Italiana

The application of Nekhoroshev theory to selected physical systems, interesting for Celestial Mechanics, is here reviewed. Applications include the stability of motions in the weakly perturbed Euler-Poinsot rigid body and the stability of the so-called Lagrangian equilibria L 4 , L 5 in the spatial circular restricted three-body problem. The difficulties to be overcome, which require a nontrivial extension of the standard Nekhoroshev theorem, are the presence of singularities in the fiber structure...

Composite control of the n -link chained mechanical systems

Jiří Zikmund (2008)


In this paper, a new control concept for a class of underactuated mechanical system is introduced. Namely, the class of n -link chains, composed of rigid links, non actuated at the pivot point is considered. Underactuated mechanical systems are those having less actuators than degrees of freedom and thereby requiring more sophisticated nonlinear control methods. This class of systems includes among others frequently used for the modeling of walking planar structures. This paper presents the stabilization...

Control of the underactuated mechanical systems using natural motion

Zdeněk Neusser, Michael Valášek (2012)


The paper deals with the control of underactuated mechanical systems between equilibrium positions across the singular positions. The considered mechanical systems are in the gravity field. The goal is to find feasible trajectory connecting the equilibrium positions that can be the basis of the system control. Such trajectory can be stabilized around both equilibrium positions and due to the gravity forces the mechanical system overcomes the singular positions. This altogether constitutes the control...

Doubly asymptotic trajectories of Lagrangian systems and a problem by Kirchhoff

Maria Letizia Bertotti, Sergey V. Bolotin (1997)

Atti della Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. Classe di Scienze Fisiche, Matematiche e Naturali. Rendiconti Lincei. Matematica e Applicazioni

We consider Lagrangian systems with Lagrange functions which exhibit a quadratic time dependence. We prove the existence of infinitely many solutions tending, as t ± , to an «equilibrium at infinity». This result is applied to the Kirchhoff problem of a heavy rigid body moving through a boundless incompressible ideal fluid, which is at rest at infinity and has zero vorticity.

Entropy and complexity of a path in sub-riemannian geometry

Frédéric Jean (2003)

ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations

We characterize the geometry of a path in a sub-riemannian manifold using two metric invariants, the entropy and the complexity. The entropy of a subset A of a metric space is the minimum number of balls of a given radius ε needed to cover A . It allows one to compute the Hausdorff dimension in some cases and to bound it from above in general. We define the complexity of a path in a sub-riemannian manifold as the infimum of the lengths of all trajectories contained in an ε -neighborhood of the path,...

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