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Betwixt Jesuit and Enlightenment Historiography: Jean-Sylvain Bailly’s History of Indian Astronomy

Dhruv Raina (2003)

Revue d'histoire des mathématiques

The crystallization of scientific disciplines in late eighteenth-century Europe was accompanied by the proliferation of specialist histories of science. These histories were framed as much by the imperatives of the astronomy of the times as they were by the compulsions of disciplinary differentiation. This paper attempts to contextualise the engagement with the astronomy of India in the histories of astronomy authored in the eighteenth century by the astronomer Jean-Sylvain Bailly. While Bailly’s...

Rituální geometrie védských Indů jako inspirace pro učitele matematiky

Petr Bogan (2016)

Učitel matematiky

The Śulba sūtras, or "Rules of the cord", are intended to lay down the rules of demarcation of various sacrificial altars, pandals and places for sacred fire. This part of Vedic culture contains unique, just about three thousand years old ritual geometry. Constructions, such as addition or subtraction of squares or area-preserving transformations of figures, are performed with the use of a rope and wooden poles. This article presents some of the geometric rules described in the mentioned texts and...

The Kaṭapayādi system of numerical notation and its spread outside Kerala

Sreeramula Rajeswara Sarma (2012)

Revue d'histoire des mathématiques

While the study of the transmission of scientific ideas from and to India has its own importance, it is also necessary to examine the transmission of ideas within India, from one region to another, from Sanskrit to regional languages and vice versa. This paper attempts to map the spread of the Kaṭapayādi system of numerical notation, widely popular in Kerala, to other parts of India, and shows that this very useful tool of mathematical notation, though well known in northern India, was rarely employed...

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