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A mathematician out of his time: Ventura Reyes Prosper.

J. Cobos (1996)

Extracta Mathematicae

Hormigón [1991] says that The introduction of modern mathematical ideas in Spain was carried out mainly by three authors: García de Galdeano, Torres Quevedo and Rey Pastor. Being true the affirmation about these authors, one name at least is missing. The efforts of Ventura Reyes Prosper to introduce the new mathematical ideas in Spain were at least simultaneous in time, although maybe far fruitless. Reyes Prosper is also worth of mention by his research work. He was the first Spanish mathematician...

A Survey of Counterexamples to Hilbert's Fourteenth Problem

Freudenburg, Gene (2001)

Serdica Mathematical Journal

We survey counterexamples to Hilbert’s Fourteenth Problem, beginning with those of Nagata in the late 1950s, and including recent counterexamples in low dimension constructed with locally nilpotent derivations. Historical framework and pertinent references are provided. We also include 8 important open questions.

A survey on the Szlenk index and some of its applications.

Gilles Lancien (2006)


We describe how the Szlenk index has been used in various areas of the geometry of Banach spaces. We cover the following domains of application of this notion: non existence of universal spaces, linear classification of C(K) spaces, descriptive set theory, renorming problems and non linear classification of Banach spaces.

Currently displaying 1 – 20 of 586

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