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A class of weakly perfect graphs

H. R. Maimani, M. R. Pournaki, S. Yassemi (2010)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

A graph is called weakly perfect if its chromatic number equals its clique number. In this note a new class of weakly perfect graphs is presented and an explicit formula for the chromatic number of such graphs is given.

A formula for the number of solutions of a restricted linear congruence

K. Vishnu Namboothiri (2021)

Mathematica Bohemica

Consider the linear congruence equation x 1 + ... + x k b ( mod n s ) for b , n , s . Let ( a , b ) s denote the generalized gcd of a and b which is the largest l s with l dividing a and b simultaneously. Let d 1 , ... , d τ ( n ) be all positive divisors of n . For each d j n , define 𝒞 j , s ( n ) = { 1 x n s : ( x , n s ) s = d j s } . K. Bibak et al. (2016) gave a formula using Ramanujan sums for the number of solutions of the above congruence equation with some gcd restrictions on x i . We generalize their result with generalized gcd restrictions on x i and prove that for the above linear congruence, the number of solutions...

A Menon-type identity using Klee's function

Arya Chandran, Neha Elizabeth Thomas, K. Vishnu Namboothiri (2022)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Menon’s identity is a classical identity involving gcd sums and the Euler totient function φ . A natural generalization of φ is the Klee’s function Φ s . We derive a Menon-type identity using Klee’s function and a generalization of the gcd function. This identity generalizes an identity given by Y. Li and D. Kim (2017).

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