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Around the Littlewood conjecture in Diophantine approximation

Yann Bugeaud (2014)

Publications mathématiques de Besançon

The Littlewood conjecture in Diophantine approximation claims that inf q 1 q · q α · q β = 0 holds for all real numbers α and β , where · denotes the distance to the nearest integer. Its p -adic analogue, formulated by de Mathan and Teulié in 2004, asserts that inf q 1 q · q α · | q | p = 0 holds for every real number α and every prime number p , where | · | p denotes the p -adic absolute value normalized by | p | p = p - 1 . We survey the known results on these conjectures and highlight recent developments.

Commutative algebraic groups and p-adic linear forms

Clemens Fuchs, Duc Hiep Pham (2015)

Acta Arithmetica

Let G be a commutative algebraic group defined over a number field K that is disjoint over K from a and satisfies the condition of semistability. Consider a linear form l on the Lie algebra of G with algebraic coefficients and an algebraic point u in a p-adic neighbourhood of the origin with the condition that l does not vanish at u. We give a lower bound for the p-adic absolute value of l(u) which depends up to an effectively computable constant only on the height of the linear form, the height...

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