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A class of transcendental numbers with explicit g-adic expansion and the Jacobi-Perron algorithm

Jun-ichi Tamura (1992)

Acta Arithmetica

In this paper, we give transcendental numbers φ and ψ such that (i) both φ and ψ have explicit g-adic expansions, and simultaneously, (ii) the vector t ( φ , ψ ) has an explicit expression in the Jacobi-Perron algorithm (cf. Theorem 1). Our results can be regarded as a higher-dimensional version of some of the results in [1]-[5] (see also [6]-[8], [10], [11]). The numbers φ and ψ have some connection with algebraic numbers with minimal polynomials x³ - kx² - lx - 1 satisfying (1.1) k ≥ l ≥0, k + l ≥ 2 (k,l...

A two-dimensional continued fraction algorithm with Lagrange and Dirichlet properties

Christian Drouin (2014)

Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux

A Lagrange Theorem in dimension 2 is proved in this paper, for a particular two dimensional continued fraction algorithm, with a very natural geometrical definition. Dirichlet type properties for the convergence of this algorithm are also proved. These properties proceed from a geometrical quality of the algorithm. The links between all these properties are studied. In relation with this algorithm, some references are given to the works of various authors, in the domain of multidimensional continued...

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