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A BF-regularization of a nonstationary two-body problem under the Maneff perturbing potential.

Ignacio Aparicio, Luis Floría (1997)

Extracta Mathematicae

The process of transforming singular differential equations into regular ones is known as regularization. We are specially concerned with the treatment of certain systems of differential equations arising in Analytical Dynamics, in such a way that, accordingly, the regularized equations of motion will be free of singularities.

A completion of A. Bressan's work on axiomatic foundations of the Mach Painlevé type for various classical theories of continuous media. Part 1. Completion of Bressan's work based on the notion of gravitational equivalence of affine inertial frames

Adriano Montanaro (1987)

Atti della Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. Classe di Scienze Fisiche, Matematiche e Naturali. Rendiconti Lincei. Matematica e Applicazioni

The work [3], where various classical theories on continuous bodies are axiomatized from the Mach-Painlevè point of view, is completed here in two alternative ways; in that work, among other things, affine inertial frames are defined within classical kinematics. Here, in Part I, a thermodynamic theory of continuous bodies, in which electrostatic phenomena are not excluded, is dealt with. The notion of gravitational equivalence among affine inertial frames and the notion of gravitational isotropy...

A geometric analysis of dynamical systems with singular Lagrangians

Monika Havelková (2011)

Communications in Mathematics

We study dynamics of singular Lagrangian systems described by implicit differential equations from a geometric point of view using the exterior differential systems approach. We analyze a concrete Lagrangian previously studied by other authors by methods of Dirac’s constraint theory, and find its complete dynamics.

A new geometric setting for classical field theories

M. de León, J. C. Marrero, D. Martín de Diego (2003)

Banach Center Publications

A new geometrical setting for classical field theories is introduced. This description is strongly inspired by the one due to Skinner and Rusk for singular lagrangian systems. For a singular field theory a constraint algorithm is developed that gives a final constraint submanifold where a well-defined dynamics exists. The main advantage of this algorithm is that the second order condition is automatically included.

A new Lagrangian dynamic reduction in field theory

François Gay-Balmaz, Tudor S. Ratiu (2010)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

For symmetric classical field theories on principal bundles there are two methods of symmetry reduction: covariant and dynamic. Assume that the classical field theory is given by a symmetric covariant Lagrangian density defined on the first jet bundle of a principal bundle. It is shown that covariant and dynamic reduction lead to equivalent equations of motion. This is achieved by constructing a new Lagrangian defined on an infinite dimensional space which turns out to be gauge group invariant.

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