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A matrix formalism for conjugacies of higher-dimensional shifts of finite type

Michael Schraudner (2008)

Colloquium Mathematicae

We develop a natural matrix formalism for state splittings and amalgamations of higher-dimensional subshifts of finite type which extends the common notion of strong shift equivalence of ℤ⁺-matrices. Using the decomposition theorem every topological conjugacy between two d -shifts of finite type can thus be factorized into a finite chain of matrix transformations acting on the transition matrices of the two subshifts. Our results may be used algorithmically in computer explorations on topological...

A note on the entropy of a doubly stochastic operator

Brunon Kamiński, José de Sam Lazaro (2000)

Colloquium Mathematicae

We investigate the properties of the entropy and conditional entropy of measurable partitions of unity in the space of essentially bounded functions defined on a Lebesgue probability space.

A property of ergodic flows

Maria Joiţa, Radu-B. Munteanu (2014)

Studia Mathematica

We introduce a property of ergodic flows, called Property B. We prove that an ergodic hyperfinite equivalence relation of type III₀ whose associated flow has this property is not of product type. A consequence is that a properly ergodic flow with Property B is not approximately transitive. We use Property B to construct a non-AT flow which-up to conjugacy-is built under a function with the dyadic odometer as base automorphism.

A remark on the topological entropies of covers and partitions

Pierre-Paul Romagnoli (2007)

Studia Mathematica

We study if the combinatorial entropy of a finite cover can be computed using finite partitions finer than the cover. This relates to an unsolved question in [R] for open covers. We explicitly compute the topological entropy of a fixed clopen cover showing that it is smaller than the infimum of the topological entropy of all finer clopen partitions.

Abelian groups of zero adjoint entropy

L. Salce, P. Zanardo (2010)

Colloquium Mathematicae

The notion of adjoint entropy for endomorphisms of an Abelian group is somehow dual to that of algebraic entropy. The Abelian groups of zero adjoint entropy, i.e. ones whose endomorphisms all have zero adjoint entropy, are investigated. Torsion groups and cotorsion groups satisfying this condition are characterized. It is shown that many classes of torsionfree groups contain groups of either zero or infinite adjoint entropy. In particular, no characterization of torsionfree groups of zero adjoint...

An anti-classification theorem for ergodic measure preserving transformations

Matthew Foreman, Benjamin Weiss (2004)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

Despite many notable advances the general problem of classifying ergodic measure preserving transformations (MPT) has remained wide open. We show that the action of the whole group of MPT’s on ergodic actions by conjugation is turbulent in the sense of G. Hjorth. The type of classifications ruled out by this property include countable algebraic objects such as those that occur in the Halmos–von Neumann theorem classifying ergodic MPT’s with pure point spectrum. We treat both the classical case of...

Billiard complexity in the hypercube

Nicolas Bedaride, Pascal Hubert (2007)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

We consider the billiard map in the hypercube of d . We obtain a language by coding the billiard map by the faces of the hypercube. We investigate the complexity function of this language. We prove that n 3 d - 3 is the order of magnitude of the complexity.

Combinatoire du billard dans un polyèdre

Nicolas Bedaride (2006/2007)

Séminaire de théorie spectrale et géométrie

Ces notes ont pour but de rassembler les différents résultats de combinatoire des mots relatifs au billard polygonal et polyédral. On commence par rappeler quelques notions de combinatoire, puis on définit le billard, les notions utiles en dynamique et le codage de l’application. On énonce alors les résultats connus en dimension deux puis trois.

Complete positivity of entropy and non-Bernoullicity for transformation groups

Valentin Golodets, Sergey Sinel'shchikov (2000)

Colloquium Mathematicae

The existence of non-Bernoullian actions with completely positive entropy is proved for a class of countable amenable groups which includes, in particular, a class of Abelian groups and groups with non-trivial finite subgroups. For this purpose, we apply a reverse version of the Rudolph-Weiss theorem.

Dynamics semi-conjugated to a subshift for some polynomial mappings in C2.

Gabriel Vigny (2007)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

We study the dynamics near infinity of polynomial mappings f in C2. We assume that f has indeterminacy points and is non constant on the line at infinity L∞. If L∞ is f-attracting, we decompose the Green current along itineraries defined by the indeterminacy points and their preimages. The symbolic dynamics that arises is a subshift on an infinite alphabet.

Entropy dimension and variational principle

Young-Ho Ahn, Dou Dou, Kyewon Koh Park (2010)

Studia Mathematica

Recently the notions of entropy dimension for topological and measurable dynamical systems were introduced in order to study the complexity of zero entropy systems. We exhibit a class of strictly ergodic models whose topological entropy dimensions range from zero to one and whose measure-theoretic entropy dimensions are identically zero. Hence entropy dimension does not obey the variational principle.

Entropy of eigenfunctions of the Laplacian in dimension 2

Gabriel Rivière (2010)

Journées Équations aux dérivées partielles

We study asymptotic properties of eigenfunctions of the Laplacian on compact Riemannian surfaces of Anosov type (for instance negatively curved surfaces). More precisely, we give an answer to a question of Anantharaman and Nonnenmacher [4] by proving that the Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy of a semiclassical measure μ for the geodesic flow g t is bounded from below by half of the Ruelle upper bound. (This text has been written for the proceedings of the 37 èmes Journées EDP (Port d’Albret-June, 7-11 2010))

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