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A new family of spectrally arbitrary ray patterns

Yinzhen Mei, Yubin Gao, Yan Ling Shao, Peng Wang (2016)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

An n × n ray pattern 𝒜 is called a spectrally arbitrary ray pattern if the complex matrices in Q ( 𝒜 ) give rise to all possible complex polynomials of degree n . In a paper of Mei, Gao, Shao, and Wang (2014) was proved that the minimum number of nonzeros in an n × n irreducible spectrally arbitrary ray pattern is 3 n - 1 . In this paper, we introduce a new family of spectrally arbitrary ray patterns of order n with exactly 3 n - 1 nonzeros.

Inversion of square matrices in processors with limited calculation abillities

Krzysztof Janiszowski (2003)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

An iterative inversion algorithm for a class of square matrices is derived and tested. The inverted matrix can be defined over both real and complex fields. This algorithm is based only on the operations of addition and multiplication. The numerics of the algorithm can cope with a short number representation and therefore can be very useful in the case of processors with limited possibilities, like different neuro-computers and accelerator cards. The quality of inversion can be traced and tested....

Multichannel deblurring of digital images

Michal Šorel, Filip Šroubek, Jan Flusser (2011)


Blur is a common problem that limits the effective resolution of many imaging systems. In this article, we give a general overview of methods that can be used to reduce the blur. This includes the classical multi-channel deconvolution problems as well as challenging extensions to spatially varying blur. The proposed methods are formulated as energy minimization problems with specific regularization terms on images and blurs. Experiments on real data illustrate very good and stable performance of...

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