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A review of selected topics in majorization theory

Marek Niezgoda (2013)

Banach Center Publications

In this expository paper, some recent developments in majorization theory are reviewed. Selected topics on group majorizations, group-induced cone orderings, Eaton triples, normal decomposition systems and similarly separable vectors are discussed. Special attention is devoted to majorization inequalities. A unified approach is presented for proving majorization relations for eigenvalues and singular values of matrices. Some methods based on the Chebyshev functional and similarly separable vectors...

Dissident maps on the seven-dimensional Euclidean space

Ernst Dieterich, Lars Lindberg (2003)

Colloquium Mathematicae

Our article contributes to the classification of dissident maps on ℝ ⁷, which in turn contributes to the classification of 8-dimensional real division algebras. We study two large classes of dissident maps on ℝ ⁷. The first class is formed by all composed dissident maps, obtained from a vector product on ℝ ⁷ by composition with a definite endomorphism. The second class is formed by all doubled dissident maps, obtained as the purely imaginary parts of the structures of those 8-dimensional...

Examples Illustrating some Aspects of the Weak Deligne-Simpson Problem

Kostov, Vladimir (2001)

Serdica Mathematical Journal

Research partially supported by INTAS grant 97-1644We consider the variety of (p + 1)-tuples of matrices Aj (resp. Mj ) from given conjugacy classes cj ⊂ gl(n, C) (resp. Cj ⊂ GL(n, C)) such that A1 + . . . + A[p+1] = 0 (resp. M1 . . . M[p+1] = I). This variety is connected with the weak Deligne-Simpson problem: give necessary and sufficient conditions on the choice of the conjugacy classes cj ⊂ gl(n, C) (resp. Cj ⊂ GL(n, C)) so that there exist (p + 1)-tuples with trivial centralizers of matrices...

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