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A matrix constructive method for the analytic-numerical solution of coupled partial differential systems

Lucas Jódar, Enrique A. Navarro, M. V. Ferrer (1995)

Applications of Mathematics

In this paper we construct analytic-numerical solutions for initial-boundary value systems related to the equation u t - A u x x - B u = 0 , where B is an arbitrary square complex matrix and A ia s matrix such that the real part of the eigenvalues of the matrix 1 2 ( A + A H ) is positive. Given an admissible error ε and a finite domain G , and analytic-numerical solution whose error is uniformly upper bounded by ε in G , is constructed.

Absolutely flat idempotents.

Johnson, Charles R., Harel, Yonatan, Hillar, Christopher J., Groves, Jonathan M., Rault, Patrick X. (2003)

ELA. The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra [electronic only]

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