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A variational approach to bifurcation in reaction-diffusion systems with Signorini type boundary conditions

Jamol I. Baltaev, Milan Kučera, Martin Väth (2012)

Applications of Mathematics

We consider a simple reaction-diffusion system exhibiting Turing's diffusion driven instability if supplemented with classical homogeneous mixed boundary conditions. We consider the case when the Neumann boundary condition is replaced by a unilateral condition of Signorini type on a part of the boundary and show the existence and location of bifurcation of stationary spatially non-homogeneous solutions. The nonsymmetric problem is reformulated as a single variational inequality with a potential...

Abstract quasi-variational inequalities of elliptic type and applications

Yusuke Murase (2009)

Banach Center Publications

A class of quasi-variational inequalities (QVI) of elliptic type is studied in reflexive Banach spaces. The concept of QVI was earlier introduced by A. Bensoussan and J.-L. Lions [2] and its general theory has been developed by many mathematicians, for instance, see [6, 7, 9, 13] and a monograph [1]. In this paper we give a generalization of the existence theorem established in [14]. In our treatment we employ the compactness method along with a concept of convergence of nonlinear multivalued operators...

Error estimates for Stokes problem with Tresca friction conditions

Mekki Ayadi, Leonardo Baffico, Mohamed Khaled Gdoura, Taoufik Sassi (2014)

ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis - Modélisation Mathématique et Analyse Numérique

In this paper, we present and study a mixed variational method in order to approximate, with the finite element method, a Stokes problem with Tresca friction boundary conditions. These non-linear boundary conditions arise in the modeling of mold filling process by polymer melt, which can slip on a solid wall. The mixed formulation is based on a dualization of the non-differentiable term which define the slip conditions. Existence and uniqueness of both continuous and discrete solutions of these...

Existence of a renormalized solution of nonlinear degenerate elliptic problems

Youssef Akdim, Chakir Allalou (2014)

Applicationes Mathematicae

We study a general class of nonlinear elliptic problems associated with the differential inclusion β ( u ) - d i v ( a ( x , D u ) + F ( u ) ) f in Ω where f L ( Ω ) . The vector field a(·,·) is a Carathéodory function. Using truncation techniques and the generalized monotonicity method in function spaces we prove existence of renormalized solutions for general L -data.

Existence of solutions of degenerated unilateral problems with L 1 data

Lahsen Aharouch, Youssef Akdim (2004)

Annales mathématiques Blaise Pascal

In this paper, we shall be concerned with the existence result of the Degenerated unilateral problem associated to the equation of the type A u + g ( x , u , u ) = f - div F , where A is a Leray-Lions operator and g is a Carathéodory function having natural growth with respect to | u | and satisfying the sign condition. The second term is such that, f L 1 ( Ω ) and F Π i = 1 N L p ( Ω , w i 1 - p ) .

Nonlinear boundary value problems involving the extrinsic mean curvature operator

Jean Mawhin (2014)

Mathematica Bohemica

The paper surveys recent results obtained for the existence and multiplicity of radial solutions of Dirichlet problems of the type · v 1 - | v | 2 = f ( | x | , v ) in B R , u = 0 on B R , where B R is the open ball of center 0 and radius R in n , and f is continuous. Comparison is made with similar results for the Laplacian. Topological and variational methods are used and the case of positive solutions is emphasized. The paper ends with the case of a general domain.

On some nonlinear nonhomogeneous elliptic unilateral problems involving noncontrollable lower order terms with measure right hand side

C. Yazough, E. Azroul, H. Redwane (2013)

Applicationes Mathematicae

We prove the existence of entropy solutions to unilateral problems associated to equations of the type A u - d i v ( ϕ ( u ) ) = μ L ¹ ( Ω ) + W - 1 , p ' ( · ) ( Ω ) , where A is a Leray-Lions operator acting from W 1 , p ( · ) ( Ω ) into its dual W - 1 , p ( · ) ( Ω ) and ϕ C ( , N ) .

Smooth bifurcation for a Signorini problem on a rectangle

Jan Eisner, Milan Kučera, Lutz Recke (2012)

Mathematica Bohemica

We study a parameter depending semilinear elliptic PDE on a rectangle with Signorini boundary conditions on a part of one edge and mixed (zero Dirichlet and Neumann) boundary conditions on the rest of the boundary. We describe smooth branches of smooth nontrivial solutions bifurcating from the trivial solution branch in eigenvalues of the linearized problem. In particular, the contact sets of these nontrivial solutions are intervals which change smoothly along the branch. The main tools of the proof...

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