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A comparison of elliptic units in certain prime power conductor cases

Ulrich Schmitt (2015)

Acta Arithmetica

The aim of this paper is to compare two modules of elliptic units, which arise in the study of elliptic curves E over quadratic imaginary fields K with complex multiplication by K , good ordinary reduction above a split prime p and prime power conductor (over K). One of the modules is a special case of those modules of elliptic units studied by K. Rubin in his paper [Invent. Math. 103 (1991)] on the two-variable main conjecture (without p-adic L-functions), and the other module is a smaller one,...

A note on circular units in p -extensions

Radan Kučera (2003)

Journal de théorie des nombres de Bordeaux

In this note we consider projective limits of Sinnott and Washington groups of circular units in the cyclotomic p -extension of an abelian field. A concrete example is given to show that these two limits do not coincide in general.

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