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Condiciones algebraicas de existencia y estabilidad para el diseño de controladores para sistemas lineales multivariables interconectados.

Manuel de la Sen (1986)


This paper presents an algebraic design theory for interconnected systems. Usual multivariable linear systems are described in a unified way. Both square and nonsquare plants and controllers are included in the study and an easy characterization of the achievable I/O (input-to-output) and D/O (disturbance-to-output) maps is presented through the use of appropriate controllers. Sufficient conditions of stability are given.

Design of an adaptive controller of LQG type: spline-based approach

Tatiana V. Guy, Miroslav Kárný (2000)


The paper presents an alternative approach to the design of a hybrid adaptive controller of Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) type for linear stochastic controlled system. The approach is based on the combination standard building blocks of discrete LQG adaptive controller with the non-standard technique of modelling of a controlled system and spline approximation of involved signals. The method could be of interest for control of systems with complex models, in particular distributed parameter systems....

Design of linear feedback for bilinear control systems

Vasiliy Belozyorov (2002)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Sufficient conditions for the conditional stability of trivial solutions for quadratic systems of ordinary differential equations are obtained. These conditions are then used to design linear control laws on the output for a bilinear system of any order. In the case of a homogeneous system, a domain of the conditional stability is also indicated (it is a cone). Some examples are given.

Dynamic approach to optimum synthesis of a four-bar mechanism using a swarm intelligence algorithm

Edgar A. Portilla-Flores, Maria B. Calva-Yáñez, Miguel G. Villarreal-Cervantes, Paola A. Niño Suárez, Gabriel Sepúlveda-Cervantes (2014)


This paper presents a dynamic approach to the synthesis of a crank-rocker four-bar mechanism, that is obtained by an optimization problem and its solution using the swarm intelligence algorithm called Modified-Artificial Bee Colony (M-ABC). The proposed dynamic approach states a mono-objective dynamic optimization problem (MODOP), in order to obtain a set of optimal parameters of the system. In this MODOP, the kinematic and dynamic models of the whole system are consider as well as a set of constraints...

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