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A class of extensions of Restricted (s,t)-Wythoff’s game

Sanyang Liu, Haiyan Li (2017)

Open Mathematics

Restricted (s, t)-Wythoff’s game, introduced by Liu et al. in 2014, is an impartial combinatorial game. We define and solve a class of games obtained from Restricted (s, t)-Wythoff’s game by adjoining to it some subsets of its P-positions as additional moves. The results show that under certain conditions they are equivalent to one case in which only one P-position is adjoined as an additional move. Furthermore, two winning strategies of exponential and polynomial are provided for the games.

A classical decision theoretic perspective on worst-case analysis

Moshe Sniedovich (2011)

Applications of Mathematics

We examine worst-case analysis from the standpoint of classical Decision Theory. We elucidate how this analysis is expressed in the framework of Wald's famous Maximin paradigm for decision-making under strict uncertainty. We illustrate the subtlety required in modeling this paradigm by showing that information-gap's robustness model is in fact a Maximin model in disguise.

A game interpretation of the Neumann problem for fully nonlinear parabolic and elliptic equations

Jean-Paul Daniel (2013)

ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations

We provide a deterministic-control-based interpretation for a broad class of fully nonlinear parabolic and elliptic PDEs with continuous Neumann boundary conditions in a smooth domain. We construct families of two-person games depending on a small parameter ε which extend those proposed by Kohn and Serfaty [21]. These new games treat a Neumann boundary condition by introducing some specific rules near the boundary. We show that the value function converges, in the viscosity sense, to the solution...

A game of composing binary relations

P. GoralČík, Z. Hedrlín, V. Koubek, J. Ryšunková (1982)

RAIRO - Theoretical Informatics and Applications - Informatique Théorique et Applications

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